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Office Phone Voicemail and Feature Guide
Last Updated 4 years ago

How to set up your voicemail, check voicemail and access basic features on your office phone.

Setting up your voicemail:
1) Press RED message/envelope button on your handset.
2) Select Voicemail button.
3) Enter security code (by default it is "0000")
4) Follow the prompts to record your name and new password.
5) Press 4 for Greeting Management.
6) Press 2 to Record Personal Greeting.
7) After accepting the recording, Press * to exit.
8) Press 6 to Select (activate) Personal Greeting.
9) TEST: Dial #99, Dial your extension, Leave a voicemail and make sure you get it in your email.

Forward to voicemail:

Transfer to voicemail:

Programming buttons:

Conference calling:

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