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Requesting iPad and Mac App Store Apps
Last Updated 4 years ago

To request apps for iPad or the Mac, please follow this guide. There are a few things to keep in mind prior to requesting your App(s):

  • Free vs. Paid - Free apps (labeled as "Get" in the App Store) do not cost the district money, but still require a specific number of licenses for student use. Teachers may simply download free apps from the store while free apps for students must be requested. All paid apps must be requested, regardless if they are for a student or teacher.
  • In-App Purchases - Currently, it is not possible to acquire In-App purchases for distribution within the district. In-App purchases are content that must be purchased after the app has been downloaded to unlock additional content or features. This is a limitation of Apple's software distribution platform.
  • One App Per Ticket - Please only request one app per ticket you submit. If you are requesting three apps, that would need to be entered as three tickets.

Step 1: Obtain the App Store Link:

  1. If you are requesting an iPad App, open the App Store from your iPad. If you are requesting a Mac App, open the App Store from your Ma.
    Search for the app you would like to request in the store.

  2. On an iPad, go to the App's page and look for the ellipsis dot (...) button, tap the button and tap copy link. This will copy the link to your clipboard.

    On the Mac, next to the price or "Get" button, you will see a small downward arrow. Click on that arrow and select "Copy Link" (see below). This will copy the link to your clipboard.

    image _______ image
    iPad App Store

    Mac App Store

Step 2: Create a Ticket:

  1. Create a new help desk ticket, choose App Request as the help topic.

  2. Paste the link, saved to your clipboard in step 1, into the "Link to app" field.

  3. Type the name of the App below and enter the desired number of teacher and student licenses you would like.

  4. If this app is a student request, please attach a CSV or Excel export from PowerSchool containing the list of students that will need the app and attach it to the ticket. If your request is for the whole building or a full grade level, a list is not needed, simply state this in the ticket.

  5. Create the help desk ticket - you will receive a response when your request has been processed.

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