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Accessing FirstClass Email
Last Updated 3 years ago

There are a number of methods that can be used to access your staff email account ("") address from different devices:

On your Mac or PC:

  1. Download the FirstClass application from the OpenText FirstClass website.

  2. Install and launch the FirstClass application.

  3. Click the small arrow in the lower left next to "Advanced":

    After expanding the Advanced settings, click the Setup button:

    Type "" without quotes into the Server field, as shown below. Please type the address exactly as shown, without spaces or uppercase letters and click Save:

  4. Log in with your district-provided username and password.

On your iPhone, iPad or Android Device:

  1. Download FirstClass GO from the iOS App Store or Google Play store.

  2. Open the FirstClass app and type "" without quotes in the Server field at the top of the screen:

  3. Log in with your district-provided username and password.

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