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Password Tips
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Things to avoid:
1. Spelling of a word or series of words that can be found in a standard dictionary.
2. Refrain from using any personal information such as user id, family name, pet, birthday, etc.
3. Do not store a written password in an insecure location.

Tips for keeping track of your password:
1. Don't write down the entire password, but rather a hint that would allow you to reconstruct it.
2. If you must write the password down, keep whatever is written down in your wallet or other place that only you have access to and where you would immediately notice if it was missing or someone else gained access to it.

Consider using a passphrase instead of a password.
A passphrase password is a group of dictionary words where the letters are replaced with numbers or symbols. A passphrase could be a lyric from a song or a favorite quote. Passphrases typically have additional benefits; they are usually longer and easier to remember. For example, the passphrase “My passw0rd is $uper str0ng!” is 28 characters long and includes alphabetic, numeric and special characters. It is also relatively easy to remember. The placement of numbers and symbols in this example prevents multiple words from being found in a standard dictionary. The use of blank spaces also makes a password more difficult to guess.

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