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Gmail Resources
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The district utilizes Gmail for staff and student email communication, staff email addresses are formatted as while student email addresses are formatted as and Gmail can be accessed at

About Gmail Storage:

Please note that district Gmail accounts are not intended for permanent storage. In accordance with the district's email retention policy, all email older than 6 months will be automatically deleted regardless of where or how it is stored in Gmail. Important emails should be stored as a permanent document through a method such as printing to PDF.

Note: The district's 6 month retention policy only applies to Gmail, files and content stored in Google Drive/Google Drive File Stream will remain until you delete it. 

Getting Gmail on Your Phone:

  1. Download the Gmail app:
    1. Apple iOS/iPadOS Devices: Gmail on App Store
    2. Android Devices: Gmail on Google Play
  2. Open the Gmail app on your device and sign-in using your or email address.

Gmail Tutorials:

While this transition is necessary, we understand that it is a complex process. While the Google platform is very user friendly, sometimes tutorials can be helpful when interfacing with unfamiliar systems. Please utilize the tutorials below to help aid in the transition:

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