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Classroom Phone Voicemail and Features Guide
Last Updated 4 years ago

How to set up your voicemail, check voicemail and access basic features on your classroom phone. Additional instructions are provided in the attachments.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Voicemail
1.) Dial x2400 (on campus)
or (412) 967-2400 (off campus)
2.) As the greeting plays, Press "#"
3.) Press "1" when prompted for 'mailbox within the system' and then enter your 4-digit extension followed by #.
4.) When prompted to enter your password, enter your default password. If you do not have this password, please contact the help desk.
4.) Follow the prompts to record your name and new password.
5.) Press 4 for Greeting Management.
6.) Press 2 to Record Personal Greeting.
7.) After accepting the recording, Press * to exit.
8.) Press 6 to Select (activate) Personal Greeting.

Step 2: Check/Test Your VM and Email
1.) Dial x2400 (on campus) or (412) 967-2400 (off campus)
2.) As the greeting plays, dial your 4-digit extension.
3.) Leave yourself a message.
4.) Check your email to see that your received your voicemail

If you do not receive you voicemail in your email, please submit a help desk ticket.

Phone Features Video Tour:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why the upgrade to the new system?
A: We upgraded our primary phone equipment, once located off site, now located on our campus. This was a hardware and software upgrade for our system.

Q: How are numbers assigned?
A: Every room has an extension:
building code + room number
eg 1101
1 = high school
101 = room number

Each staff member has a voicemail box number.
Here's what to put in the signature line of your email and share with outside callers:
(412) 967-2400 x1234 -- where "1234" is your voicemail box number.

Q: How do I call long distance?
A: Call the operator "0" and she can make your connection. You have access to all internal numbers, local exchanges (412, 724), and toll free (800, 888, 877, etc) numbers.

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